Senior Air Quality Scientist

FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS), an ADEC Innovation, is looking for a Senior Air Quality Scientist to manage and prepare technically sound and legally defensible air quality analyses and technical appendices- primarily ISs, EAs, EIRs, or EISs. The successful candidate will be responsible for proactive business development and marketing activities and will provide training to air quality staff for their professional growth.


  • Develop technically and legally defensible air quality analyses and technical appendices to be included in environmental documents, including ISs, EAs, EIRs, and EISs
  • Develop scientific air quality and health risk assessments, including, but not limited to, emissions inventories, greenhouse gas/climate change analyses, and air dispersion modeling for assessing compliance with ambient air quality standards and significance thresholds
  • Develop mitigation monitoring plans and programs to ensure compliance with stated and agreed-to mitigation requirements
  • Meet firm’s and client’s goals within the agreed-upon scope of work and budget
  • Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Promote firm’s strengths/reputation in the air quality industry
  • Develop new areas of interest/market areas



  • Provide support and assistance to Section and Project Managers, as requested, in administrative functions, and provide suggestions to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Personnel Supervision/Development/Training

  • Plan, organize, schedule, assign, coordinate, and direct the activities of air quality staff
  • Enhance staff members’ capabilities through training. Review research and written materials submitted from staff and suggest improvements
  • Keep abreast of recent legislative, administrative, and judicial interpretations of air quality-related statutes, and ensure that staff members are well informed of changes
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments and updates in regulatory guidance in conducting air quality assessments and inform staff members of same
  • Identify the need for technical and production staff assistance for projects and assign air quality staff members accordingly, through workload projections, recognizing the need to maximize division use
  • Coordinate and/or provide training to staff in technical areas dealing with emission inventory development, air dispersion modeling, air quality assessment guidance, and in policy areas dealing with the interpretation of CEQA, NEPA, and emerging regulatory issues

Technical/Quality Assurance

  • Participate in public and private sector project meetings where requested by Section or Project Manager, including making presentations to the public during scoping, community meetings, and public hearings
  • Provide expert testimony on specific air quality issues where requested by Section or Project Manager
  • Peer review draft air quality sections or reports and technical appendices prepared within FCS, as requested by company staff, for content, conciseness, completeness, and accuracy
  • Establish task budgets and time schedules and coordinate with the overall project
  • Conduct and oversee research and preparation of air quality sections for environmental documents


  • Coordinate and prepare proposal and qualification packages with the Marketing Department
  • Develop project opportunities through proactive marketing
  • Represent FCS at relevant meetings and conferences on air quality issues
  • Prepare fee, schedule, and scope of work for air quality sections of proposals. Provide opportunities to maximize profitability
  • Assist marketing efforts by providing complete descriptions of current projects and updates on resume as required


A combination of education and experience which provide the required knowledge and skills to effectively fill the position. Typical qualifications include, or are equivalent to:

  • A BS/MS degree(s) in Meteorology, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, or Science (Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics), Geography, or a related field as demonstrated by actual course work
  • Approximately 6 years of professional experience in the air quality field in a variety of technical positions


Thorough understanding of the principles and practices of the air quality industry, including:

  • Meteorology, Chemistry, and factors affecting air pollution distribution and effects
  • Air emissions quantification and reduction through design of innovative mitigation measures
  • US EPA, California Air Resources Board, and local Air Quality Management District or Air Pollution Control District Air Quality Regulatory Programs and their relationship to the Federal and State Clean Air Acts
  • General conformity issues
  • Air quality modelling methodologies and guidelines as recommended by local, state, and federal regulatory agencies for air quality and health risk assessments
  • CEQA and/or NEPA and their assessment requirements
  • Marketing and proposal preparation


Ability to:

  • Produce technically sound and legally defensible air quality studies and analyses
  • Productively plan, organize, and coordinate air quality assessments
  • Plan, organize, assign, and coordinate the activities of air quality analysts and support staff
  • Provide effective and quality communication through written and oral methods
  • Work creatively as a member of an environmental assessment team
  • Promote teamwork through interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated proficiency in MS Office software applications, especially Word and Excel; as well as Internet usage