GHG and Water Assessments For Better Resource Efficiency


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GHG and Water Assessments For Better Resource Efficiency

At the core of CDP reporting is your GHG inventory across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Many organizations struggle to coordinate utility data and information from your supply chain, verify its accuracy, collate it with your own data, and manage it in one place. MetricsTrac, an ADEC Innovation, enables you to monitor, manage, and report all your sustainability, energy and supply chain data easily and cost-effectively – so you can maximize your return on investment (ROI).

For your GHG inventory, ADEC Innovations uses a structured calculation process that complies with World Resources Institute/World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WRI/WBCSD) standards for calculation methodologies for GHG emissions. Utilizing our own calculation tools for energy, fuel, mobile sources and HFC data, ADEC Innovations associates emissions factors with all emission sources based on current methods and geographies.

ADEC Innovations works with you to implement transparent, measurable improvements in climate change mitigation, resource efficiency, productivity and risk management. We offer technology and process management services to help you gather and calculate your GHG and water emissions efficiently and effectively.

  • ADEC Innovations Greenhouse Gas Management Solution, to capture, analyze, report, translate and share data to drive ESG performance.
  • Supplier Communications: outsource the process of contacting your suppliers, using a combination of methods.
  • Supplier Collaboration, to work closely with your Tier 1 suppliers in delivering scalable collaboration programs across your entire industry web or value chain.

Many companies are starting to identify sources of water data and risks. As CDP’s newest questionnaire, companies turn to ADEC Innovations for guidance on water disclosure. We help you determine the best approach and recommend appropriate services:

CDP Accreditation means both CDP and our clients endorse our services. After scoring 20,000+ CDP responses since 2011, ADEC Innovations is an expert in the CDP scoring methodology* and building streamlined corporate sustainability systems using our state-of-the-art software and data collection services.

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"We have worked with ADEC Innovations for two reporting seasons, and they have always provided us with fast, friendly, and expert service. Their recommendations have enabled us to maximize our CDP Climate Change score. Being new to the CDP Water Program, they provided valuable insights to help us understand the scheme, as well as clear direction on how to improve our response." - Tessy Plastics Corp.

*In accordance with CDP’s conflict of interest policy, ADEC does not provide official scoring services for any of our CDP consulting clients.