Incentive and Rebate Processing to Promote Resource Conservation


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Incentive and Rebate Processing to Promote Resource Conservation

Utilities and municipalities are increasingly utilizing rebate and other incentive programs to promote resource conservation and reduce costs. The rebate processing experts at ADEC Innovations make these programs far more efficient and cost-effective to implement, ensuring the best possible results for every budget dollar spent.

Outsourcing rebate processing to ADEC Innovations streamlines the entire process and ensures accountable customer service for every program participant. Our extensive rebate experience, specialized technologies and ability to digitize paper documents for instant Internet-based access will slash the overhead costs of your rebate program, allowing more dollars to be focused on program goals. We routinely save our clients 60-70% or more per application on a variety of incentive programs from water measures to electric appliances. With results like that, there’s simply no reason to staff up in-house.

ADEC Innovations combines this expertise in back office data and transaction processing with comprehensive consulting, environmental and sustainability software, and program management to help you achieve all your sustainability goals.

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