Utility Bill Processing to Improve Your Bottom Line Value


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Utility Bill Processing to Improve Your Bottom Line Value

If your organization operates in multiple locations or is heavily dependent on electricity, water and other utilities, collecting, verifying and processing your monthly utility bills can be a big challenge. MetricsTrac, an ADEC Innovation, can help.  MetricsTrac coordinates utility data and information from your supply chain, verifies its accuracy, collates it with your own data, and manages it in one place.

ADEC Innovations provides services and systems that accurately collect the data you need and, if needed, help ensure prompt and correct payment of your utility bills to avoid fines, surcharges and interruptions that arise from payment delays. With our technology-based solutions, you’ll easily access your utility bill data (which is also important for calculating your greenhouse gas emissions), avoid billing errors and duplicates, and monitor energy rates and consumption. Our integrated solutions record and organize pertinent data that you can use for your cost-saving programs and energy sustainability initiatives.

With our utility bill processing expertise, we’ll help you perform overall management of your utility bill data – from capturing invoice information, organizing details, and interfacing with your service providers’ processing systems, to making payments and queries about your consumption. Our staff readily provides support and guidance so that the processing runs smoothly and efficiently.

ADEC Innovations understands that efficient, accurate and thorough collection and processing of utility bills drives down operational costs, and supports efforts to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. With ADEC Innovations you can eliminate unnecessary worries, while allowing your personnel to spend more time on crucial aspects of your everyday operations.

With our experts working to improve your utility bill processing chores, ADEC Innovations provides the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value.

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