Data Collection to Standardize Disparate and Diverse Data Sources

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Data Collection to Standardize Disparate and Diverse Data Sources

Many companies struggle to keep up with the mundane tasks of collecting energy bills, gathering supplier data, aggregating, standardizing and collating the information, and then analyzing it all in one place. MetricsTrac, an ADEC Innovation, helps lighten the load.  With 30+ years' experience providing consulting services, creating software solutions and finding Business Process Management (BPM) opportunities that can get you out of spreadsheets, and into improving performance, and reducing resource use and costs.

ADEC Innovations specializes in translating disparate and diverse data sources, including supply chain, water and greenhouse gas information, into usable, clean information. Using one of our software applications or working alongside your existing reporting software, ADEC Innovations can manage it all with minimal intervention from your team. If your data is located in paper invoices, files, or your suppliers' or colleagues' folders in other locations and facilities, you can feel confident outsourcing the identification, gathering, aggregating and standardizing of this highly diverse and disburse data. ADEC Innovations contacts, gathers, standardizes and compiles the relevant information from systems, spreadsheets, suppliers, facilities and other data sources around the world, getting you a better end result, with improved performance, streamlined operational efficiency and optimized resource use. 

ADEC Innovations drives efficiency and achieves results by:

  • Calculating proper inventories
  • Compiling all underlying data
  • Engaging your stakeholders in the process
  • Freeing up your internal staff 
  • Identifying and managing risks and opportunities
  • Improving overall performance

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