Maximize your CDP Response with our Scoring Assessment Reviews

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Maximize your CDP Response with our Scoring Assessment Reviews

Your CDP results are important to you, and it’s not always easy to tell how you’ll do. Let ADEC Innovations review your response before you turn it in. 

Scoring Assessment

ADEC Innovations' Scoring Assessments ensure that every answer within your response is read and scored based on the current year's CDP methodology and guidance. With ADEC Innovations' assessment, you'll have time to update your CDP response and maximize your performance before you hit the 'submit' button.

ADEC Innovations offers two levels of Scoring Assessments:

  Scoring Assessment Premium Scoring Assessment
For questions where points were not maximized, an estimate of the number of points you will receive (question-by-question)    
Explanation of why points were not maximized (question-by-question)    
Specific suggestions for improving each answer to achieve maximum points (question-by-question)    
Estimate of overall points awarded by level (Disclosure, Awareness, Management, Leadership) and category    
Estimate of overall score    
Re-score following revisions made by your company    
Call to review results and answer questions 1 hour

1 hour (session 1) and 45 minutes (session 2)

Our expertise arms you with information to improve your performance. In fact, our clients very consistently demonstrate improvement after engaging with ADEC Innovations. 

If you are interested in ADEC Innovations' Scoring Assessment or Response Check services, or to find out about pricing options, use the button on the left.

Response Check

If you don't have the time or the budget for a Scoring Assessment, you may want to consider Response Check, whereby our CDP-trained team will provide written feedback to incorporate into your response and follow up with a phone call review. ADEC Innovations saves you time, helps you avoid mistakes and relieves pressure from your internal resources.

While you won't get insight into the structure or content of your answers, you will receive feedback on:

  • Incomplete or missing information
  • Answers provided in an inappropriate place or format
  • Data points you should address
  • Misdirected or misunderstood responses
  • Priority areas that are weighted more heavily.

CDP Accreditation means CDP and our clients endorse our services. After scoring 20,000+ CDP responses since 2011, ADEC Innovations is an expert in the scoring methodology* and building streamlined corporate sustainability systems.


"ADEC Innovations provided a quick and efficient service...As ADEC Innovations is an accredited partner of CDP, we feel confident with their advice and experience." - Madeleine Cobb, Sustainability Executive, Virgin Atlantic

*In accordance with CDP’s conflict of interest policy, ADEC Innovations does not provide official scoring services for any of our CDP consulting clients.