Cost-Effective Software Solutions that Drive Profitability

Delivering Industry Expertise through Software Solutions and Data Management

Cost-Effective Software Solutions that Drive Profitability

Establishing an IT solution for continuous data management is an important aspect of an overall sustainability management system. ADEC ESG Solutions’ software services provide a cost-effective platform where you can build and manage your sustainability programs now and into the future.


Data management and reporting

MetricsTrac, an ADEC Innovation, enables you to monitor, manage, and report all your sustainability, energy, and supply chain data easily and cost-effectively. Regardless of the data source, this robust data management platform allows you to automate data recording, monitor virtually any metric, and establish use and consumption baselines in order to set improvement goals.

Only ADEC ESG Solutions fully integrates consulting and software services like MetricsTrac with unmatched expertise in back office data processing to help you achieve sustainable profitability.


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As CDP’s Global Scoring and Outsourcing Partner from 2011-2019, ADEC ESG Solutions has unique experience in supporting organizations reporting to CDP and an in-depth perspective on CDP disclosure and industry trends.