Collect & Analyze Data for Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting


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Collect & Analyze Data for Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

With drivers ranging from reducing stakeholder risk, improving customer loyalty and relations, strengthening brand value and increasing access to funding, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports are the primary manner in which to provide the necessary level of transparency.

While it is not surprising that using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for report is becoming more commonplace around the globe, some organizations are just getting started – and are simply trying to figure out what information is required.

Whether your organization is working on your first report or you have been issuing a GRI-based CSR report for years, MetricsTrac, an ADEC Innovation, can help you  collect, analyze and report on all the metrics and information you need to issue a report that is consistent with where you are in the process. 

  • Data identification, collection and processing
  • Data analysis and metrics, and targets development
  • Content development
  • Report production

ADEC Innovations offers consulting, software and data processing services which can help companies gauge their ESG performance. ADEC Innovations' adherence to industry standards like GRI provides you with an unrivaled global competence within companies’ information needs for their sustainability and ESG performance. 

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