Cultural Resources Management Services Help You with Requirements


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Cultural Resources Management Services Help You with Requirements

ADEC Innovations helps clients navigate cultural resource laws and comply with the requirements of regulatory agencies at the local, state, federal and tribal levels.  By studying the location, project design, materials gathering and other activities involved before implementation, we determine how your development plan can affect your cultural resources. ADEC Innovations recommends solutions, alternatives and mitigation programs to help you avoid lost time and sizeable costs.

ADEC Innovations' Archaeologists conduct preconstruction site assessments, literature and archival searches, field surveys, and, if necessary, subsequent testing and recovery programs to preserve resources that are historically or culturally significant. For prehistoric resources, our evaluations include consultation with the Native American Heritage Commission and local concerned Native American tribal representatives. ADEC Innovations also conducts paleontological assessments to determine the potential presence of significant fossil remains.

We offer the following Cultural Resources Management services:

  • Archaeological Surveys, Testing and Salvage
  • Architectural Historic Resources
  • Area of Potential Effects (APE) Mapping
  • Construction Monitoring and Reporting
  • Cultural Resources Evaluations
  • Curation and Documentation
  • Field Surveys
  • Historic Property Survey Reports
  • Historic Resources Compliance Reports
  • Literature and Record Searches
  • Native American Consultation
  • Paleontological Surveys and Salvage
  • Pre-construction Surveys
  • Salvage of Fossils, Artifacts and Ecofacts Determination

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