Understanding Carbon Emissions


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Understanding Carbon Emissions

Understanding and calculating your carbon emissions and intensity is complex. How much carbon do you generate per unit sold or moved? Per employee? Per square foot? Productivity per unit of carbon and your total carbon footprint
– across Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 – factor into your sustainability status. 

ADEC Innovations helps you get beyond manual processes and spreadsheet-based tools to help you collect all the data necessary, including your indirect emissions, to accurately inventory and manage carbon for greater profitability and sustainability. Our expertise and solutions, such as MetricsTrac, an ADEC Innovation, help you manage operations more efficiently and strategically while meeting data requests.

We will help you understand the drivers and business case for carbon management, and benchmark your performance against other companies. What are your organizational boundaries? Where are your data sources? What types of reduction targets, including Science Based targets should you set? How best to prioritize your carbon reduction initiatives?

Our industry experts will produce a detailed greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory across your emission sources. And, if you need help gathering and standardizing your carbon data, ADEC Innovations offers data processing services to make the process painless.

Using MetricsTrac, you'll be able to continuously manage your carbon footprint, with reports that detail company-wide GHG emissions by geography, business, facility – or however you'd like to organize and compare performance. Our inventories have built-in quality assurance, and provide seamless auditing and verification since you can store your third-party documentation within MetricsTrac. You'll append images, PDFs and more, so your data and supporting documentation are in one place.

In addition, we'll help you identify and implement efficiency improvement measures that will produce cost savings by reducing your utility bills.

Learn more about carbon emissions and other GHGs here, or use the button on your left to find out more about Carbon Management.

"Baystate Health engaged ADEC Innovations to prepare a comprehensive baseline GHG inventory for calendar year 2009 encompassing all of Baystate Health's locations based on sound principles and leading protocols. ADEC Innovations prepared the inventory based on guidance provided in The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (WRI/WBCSD, 2004)." - Baystate Health