Achieve Social Sustainability Within your Organization


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Achieve Social Sustainability Within your Organization

In addition to diversity and tolerance, the health and well-being of your employees, your supply chain and the communities in which you operate are key to your business' success. And, maintaining a pulse on key social sustainability indicators outside your organization is as important as the insights you garner from within your organization. As with environmental sustainability, it is important to have complete transparency into your organization's socially and ethically-focused metrics and programs.

ADEC Innovations provides industry expertise that helps you improve your existing systems and programs, and goes a step further to help you promote and reward compliance and improvement.

ADEC Innovations measures your social sustainability key performance indicators so you know where to focus your efforts. Whether it is within your own organization or across your supply chain, where you can monitor factory performance, promote information-sharing across your supply chain, and provide recognition to top suppliers, our team works with you to improve and share performance across a wide range of topics, e.g., safety, working conditions, operational efficiency, quality, environment and compliance.

We enable you to view and manage suppliers through a single program and platform to help build positive, productive relationships to promote a culture of self-regulation and continuous improvement. In addition to environmental metrics, MetricsTrac, an ADEC Innovation, allows organizations to easily monitor key indicators that align with their sustainability goals, such as:

  • Diversity
  • Working Conditions
  • Production Efficiency
  • Worker Turnover
  • Overtime

Demonstrating that you manage social and ethical performance internally and across your supply chain shows that you are transparent, trustworthy and low-risk. We help organizations and their suppliers demonstrate that their businesses are committed to high labor standards, and meet quality and compliance requirements. Increased transparency offers workers better protection in the workplace; the drive for improvement engages workers in more rewarding jobs; and improved trust and increased business creates financial stability for workers. With ADEC Innovations, you have the ability to be truly sustainable socially, operationally and environmentally.

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