Sustainable Supply Chains Lead to Reduced Costs


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Sustainable Supply Chains Lead to Reduced Costs

More and more, an organization’s supply chain has become an extension of its business. As a result, you need unprecedented transparency into supplier activities and performance to ensure that your supply chain supports your environmental and social sustainability performance and overall reputation. Getting this level of visibility across multiple tiers of your supply chain can be complex and costly, but not with ADEC ESG Solutions.

Our expertise and solutions--such as CleanChain, an ADEC Innovation--can help you manage the use of chemicals throughout your supply chain more efficiently. Rather than spending time managing data and aggregating information from diverse and distributed sources, CleanChain provides one system to manage and share your data across all suppliers.

ADEC Innovations is able to develop the backbone of a sustainable supply chain by measuring and analyzing key performance indicators across the business, such as:

Energy Working hours Quality and right first time
Carbon Worker turnover Operational efficiency
Water Sickness and absence Cost-saving potential
Waste Pay and benefits  
  Job satisfaction  
  Employee engagement

ADEC Innovations knows how and where to start to help you achieve your goals. We comprehensively connect you to your supply chain, and help you gather and analyze data across metrics, including working and safety conditions, productivity, energy, water, chemicals, greenhouse gas, waste, lab results and status of corrective and preventative actions. We also provide support to enable you to compare and report results across your stakeholder group, determine areas for improvement, and recommend a program of work to reduce costs.

Specifically, we assist your initiatives in improving the social and environmental impacts and sustainability of your supply chain:

  • Supplier Scorecards
  • Corrective and Preventative Actions
  • Supplier Benchmarking and Performance Improvement
  • Supplier Engagement

With organizations increasingly implementing initiatives to improve their overall sustainability performance, ADEC Innovations integrates its supply chain management expertise, data collection and processing capabilities and technology services to help you stay on top of your supply chain as if it were simply an extension of your organization. With our experts on your team, you will have a sustainability index in place to benchmark your suppliers, monitor progress, account for and report on the social and environmental impact of your supply chain, and a mechanism to give your stakeholders requested access to this information.

If you’re looking to give your organization an improved and more sustainable supply chain, which is an extension of your business, ADEC Innovations provides the guidance and support you need.

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