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Webinar Recap: CDP Checkup – Optimizing Your CDP Disclosure in 2021


Our expert team of ESG consultants at ADEC ESG Solutions recently hosted a webinar to help viewers prepare for CDP disclosure in 2021. Want to gain exclusive insight and tips on updating your response this year? We take you through a full breakdown below.

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ADEC Innovations produces white papers about various industry issues and regulatory updates.
Below are our latest papers, which you can download in a PDF format.

ESG Roadmap to Resilience: How to Innovate and Thrive During a Global Crisis

Global crises are felt by every organization around the globe--but a strong approach to ESG can help you foster resiliency through innovation and adaptability. How do you align your revenue with ESG principles and give direction to your strategy? Start by building your ESG Roadmap.

4 Steps to Improving Your CDP Performance

Your CDP score measures the transparency and management of your organization’s environmental impacts. How can you maximize your performance and improve your sustainability programs overall?

Your Road to Leadership

Where are you on your sustainability journey? Read our white paper for more information on steps you can take on the road to CDP Leadership.

Why disclose to CDP?

By encouraging a system of sustainability disclosure and transparency among companies and cities, CDP enables organizations to benchmark, measure and manage their environmental risks, while at the same time improving their brand reputation, increasing operational efficiency and lowering their costs.

How To Sell The Sustainability Value Proposition Internally

How sustainability software can safeguard the future of business. Growing numbers of customers, investors and employees are recognizing that sustainability is a crucially important part of the future of doing business.

How Brands can Message Green Chemistry to the Consumer

Sustainability” has evolved into more than a buzzword. With ethical consumption and climate change top of mind for many, brands in every industry face continually increasing demand from consumers to take concrete, quantifiable, and transparent action on sustainability.

How Textile and Apparel Suppliers Promote and Validate Safer Chemistry

Textile chemicals account for a significant amount of global chemical use, with global consumption predicted to reach US$30.7 billion by 2025.

Utility Energy Data Management

Learn how to reduce your energy consumption, gain control of your energy spending and increase productivity and profitability.

Mastering 'Big Data' In Environmental Sustainability

Get insights and guidance to wade through the big data challenge. The white paper explores the key components for successfully managing environmental sustainability data, from defining and narrowing the universe of data for your company to the tools to help manage and apply those data.

Alphabet Soup: Selecting and Using Sustainability Reporting Frameworks

Companies must now wade through acronyms and initials of sustainable organizations and their respective disclosure shcemes in order to obtain a stronger grasp of their sustainability performance.

Carbon Accounting Methods for Estimating Scope 3 Emissions

Understanding a company's GHG emissions is the first step for an effective corporate climate change strategy.

Water and Corporate Responsibility: What Can Companies Do?

As the world embraces the importance of environmental sustainability, organizations must place a greater emphasis on addressing the global water crisis, and minimizing impact to themselves and the planet.

Effectiveness of Local Agency Sustainability Plans

A successful sustainability plan allows you to identify and implement goals, milestones and metrics to measure success and address environmental concerns, economic conditions and social equity within your community.

ADEC Innovations hosts webinars on various topics, and participates as industry experts in online sessions and podcasts hosted by other organizations.

See below for links to our previous sessions.

  • CDP Checkup: Optimizing Your CDP Disclosure in 2021

    Learn about CDP core principles to help improve your responses and optimize your performance. We'll also go over 2021 reporting cycle updates that you should consider as you build out your CDP response.

  • CDP Core Principles: A Primer for Reporting Companies

    Learn about CDP's Core Principles, sustainability programs, and what they mean for CDP and other reporting frameworks.

  • City Resiliency and Why it Matters: Global Impacts in a Local Context

    Environmental Services Director Mary Bean and ADEC Innovations CEO James Donovan joined Sister Cities International and the Global CEO Alliance in a recent episode of SCI's webinar series Global Conversations. In it, the group introduces and explains crucial concepts related to how cities are tackling resiliency, ESG, and the UN SDGs.

  • Private Sector Resiliency: ESG Insights and Opportunities for an Evolving Landscape

    In this webinar, we bring together Kansas City business leaders to share their experiences, successes, and challenges addressing ESG from different industries in an ever-changing landscape.

  • How to Respond to CDP During Times of Global Crisis

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has driven companies and other organizations to rethink resiliency, sustainability, and how they do business amidst global disruption. Our webinar aims to help attendees understand how to organize responding to CDP in 2020, given new challenges and a changing environment.


    Ask Us Anything: A Live Q&A for Your CDP and ESG Questions Thumbnail

    Ask Us Anything: A Live Q&A
    for Your CDP and ESG

    Wednesday, May 26 / 8AM PDT

    Disclosing to CDP in July? Interested in developing your ESG strategy, programs, and initiatives? Join us for this interactive "Ask Us Anything" webinar, where you'll have the chance to ask our ESG experts all your last-minute questions about your CDP disclosure, broader scope ESG questions, and more.

    This 45-minute web event is dedicated to you, and we'll be taking questions with the goal of helping you fill knowledge gaps and optimize your CDP disclosure in 2021.

    While this webinar is entirely audience-driven, we may cover topics such as:

    • Specific CDP questionnaire sections
    • Goal-setting and science-based targets
    • Scenario analysis and the TCFD
    • Reporting on Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
    • ESG engagement at the board level
    • Supply chain engagement
    • Plus, whatever you ask!


    Register today to save your spot and ensure your questions get answered!