Resilient Cities: Adaptation and Municipal Financing in the COVID-19 era


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have become key considerations in the private sector when investors and companies are evaluating, disclosing, and mitigating risk. In the public sector, local governments face similar risks and many of the same ESG criteria are used by bond rating agencies to evaluate municipal credit ratings.

What is a sustainable supply chain?


Over the past decade and into the new one, there has been a marked shift towards corporate sustainability, transparency, and accountability. More and more large corporations are making commitments to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. With supply chain emissions reaching up to 5.5 times as high as emissions from direct operations, looking at creating a more sustainable supply chain is the logical next step for any company that is committed to its sustainability goals.


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ADEC Innovations produces white papers about various industry issues and regulatory updates.
Below are our latest papers, which you can download in a PDF format.

How To Sell The Sustainability Value Proposition Internally

How sustainability software can safeguard the future of business. Growing numbers of customers, investors and employees are recognizing that sustainability is a crucially important part of the future of doing business.

How Brands can Message Green Chemistry to the Consumer

Sustainability” has evolved into more than a buzzword. With ethical consumption and climate change top of mind for many, brands in every industry face continually increasing demand from consumers to take concrete, quantifiable, and transparent action on sustainability.

How Textile and Apparel Suppliers Promote and Validate Safer Chemistry

Textile chemicals account for a significant amount of global chemical use, with global consumption predicted to reach US$30.7 billion by 2025.

Utility Energy Data Management

Learn how to reduce your energy consumption, gain control of your energy spending and increase productivity and profitability.

Mastering 'Big Data' In Environmental Sustainability

Get insights and guidance to wade through the big data challenge. The white paper explores the key components for successfully managing environmental sustainability data, from defining and narrowing the universe of data for your company to the tools to help manage and apply those data.

Alphabet Soup: Selecting and Using Sustainability Reporting Frameworks

Companies must now wade through acronyms and initials of sustainable organizations and their respective disclosure shcemes in order to obtain a stronger grasp of their sustainability performance.

Carbon Accounting Methods for Estimating Scope 3 Emissions

Understanding a company's GHG emissions is the first step for an effective corporate climate change strategy.

Water and Corporate Responsibility: What Can Companies Do?

As the world embraces the importance of environmental sustainability, organizations must place a greater emphasis on addressing the global water crisis, and minimizing impact to themselves and the planet.

Effectiveness of Local Agency Sustainability Plans

A successful sustainability plan allows you to identify and implement goals, milestones and metrics to measure success and address environmental concerns, economic conditions and social equity within your community.

ADEC Innovations hosts webinars on various topics, and participates as industry experts in online sessions and podcasts hosted by other organizations.

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  • Resilient Cities: Adaptation and Municipal Financing in the Era of COVID-19

    Join Climate Action KC (CAKC), ADEC Innovations, and Moody’s for an interactive webinar to learn about ESG for local governments—including what key ESG factors and risks are used by bond raters, and what you can do within your community to better manage these risks.

  • How to Improve your CDP Performance

    ADEC Innovations hosted a live webinar to help attendees understand how to improve their CDP performance, using their 2019 disclosure as a foundation. This masterclass style webinar walked attendees through some of the more challenging questions of the 2019 questionnaire, as well as offer insight on how to improve your responses to maximize your score.

  • Understanding Scenario Planning & the TCFD

    Join ADEC Innovations and the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) for a look into scenario planning and analysis, the Task Force for Climate-related Disclosure (TCFD), and how these affect your disclosure.

  • The Road to CDP Management (and Beyond)

    In this webinar, our analysts deliver key actions you can take to help your company meet Management level requirements and beyond, and dive into the disclosure questions that rely on those actions.


    In this workshop, CDP analysts from ADEC Innovations helped viewers understand how to improve their CDP performance, using their 2018 disclosures as a foundation. This webinar walked attendees through some of the more challenging questions step-by-step to ensure each participant is familiar with the full process of responding to CDP.


    How to Respond to CDP During Times of Global Crisis Thumbnail

    How to Respond to CDP During
    Times of Global Crisis

    Tuesday, June 9, 2020
    8:00am PDT

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has driven companies and other organizations to rethink resiliency, sustainability, and how they do business amidst global disruption. Our live webinar aims to help attendees understand how to organize responding to CDP in 2020, given new challenges and a changing environment.

    The webinar will cover topics such as:

    • Effects of COVID-19 on organizations worldwide
    • How to address current challenges, such as remote teams and reduced budgets, staffing, and resources
    • How to leverage resources to gather data and provide a high-performing CDP response
    • Best practices for disclosure completion
    • Resources available to you to help keep you on track, and more.


    We will cap off the session with a live Q&A, so we recommend bringing a few questions for our panel of experts.