What Is Impact Investing?

An ice cream franchise providing skills training to inner-city youth. A food company providing healthy, balanced meals to schools in poor neighborhoods. A cosmetics company sourcing raw materials from small farmers in Brazil. A bakery offering employment to people regardless of social and educational background. Sound too good to be true? These are examples of impact investing. Read More

Webinar: Understanding CDP’s 2016 Methodology

Join us for our webinar, ‘Understanding CDP’s 2016 Methodology’. Three more sessions will be offered for your convenience:
April 18, April 21 & April 28.

As CDP’s Global Scoring Partner, FCS has scored 15,600+ responses since 2011 and is an expert in the methodology.
FCS will help you understand:

  • The new single-letter scoring standard
  • Changes in Scope 2 accounting and dual reporting
  • Expanded criteria for target setting
  • New questions on renewable energy
  • Changes in risk and opportunities


Sustainability’s New Frontier: Asia

Sustainable investing once seemed like a laughing matter to some executives in Asia. Literally, says Billy Hwan, a portfolio manager for Parnassus Asia Fund (PAFSX), which has $10 million in assets. He says many Asian company managers used to laugh in his face when he would ask about sustainable business practices. Read More

What Drives Cities to Pursue Sustainability Policies?

Examining preliminary results in a national survey of 1,900 local governments, half of U.S. cities and towns had specific environmental goals but only one-third had concrete sustainability plans, according to Cornell University, Binghamton University and the International City County Management Association researchers who conducted the work, published in March. Read More

Scientists Develop Green Technology for Water Purification

Indian scientists have developed an eco-friendly nanotechnology for water-softening applications that could be used in civic water treatment plants for generating potable water, said the official of a technical institute. Read More

Power Plant Companies Fined $8.5M for Emissions Violations, False Reporting

A power plant owner and its management company in Massachusetts have agreed to pay $8.5 million and plead guilty to tampering with emissions equipment and submitting false information to environmental and energy regulators. Read More

6 Benefits of Becoming a Sustainable Business

Over the past two decades, sustainability has become more than a fad or just a buzz word. Research shows that sustainability has real business benefits when conscientiously integrated into business operations. Six major advantages for practicing sustainability are Read More

Global Platform for Sustainable Cities Launched in Singapore

Singapore is taking the center stage in fostering a global exchange of knowledge on sustainable urban planning and development. The inaugural meeting of the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities (GPSC) kicked off on March 9 at the Sheraton Towers Hotel. Read More

Luxury Brands Can No Longer Ignore Sustainability

If I asked you to picture the consumer luxury market, you might imagine jewels, sports cars, watches, premium drinks, high-end shoes and apparel, and so on. A combination of high quality, glamour, celebrity, and attitude. With a few exceptions, it’s been an industry not traditionally associated with concerns about environmental impacts, human rights, and wellness, even while those trends have been sweeping through the mainstream consumer products sector. But according to a new report, 2016 Predictions for the Luxury Industry: Sustainability and Innovation, that sustainability gap is closing fast. Read More

APR 2016




Watch the webinar. Hosted by CDP, this webinar provides an overview of how companies can employ an outsourcing partner to undertake the challenge of collecting data from their global operations.

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