The Ways Companies May Be Greenwashing in their PR and Marketing

Despite the current economic crunch, green products and services remain popular among consumers. The profits of Panasonic’s sustainable products rose from 10% in 2013 to 22% in 2014. A June 2014 Nielsen study revealed that 55% of online consumers were willing to pay more for products and services produced by sustainable companies. The study added that 52% of online consumers made at least one purchase from a socially responsible company in the past six months. Read More


Stadiums Emerge as the Next Area of Sustainability Opportunity

When a crowd of 71,088 witnessed the Denver Broncos confound experts and bookmakers alike by manhandling the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in the Super Bowl 50 on February 8, they were not only witnessing an upset in results but were also experiencing the latest and best in terms of environmentally friendly practices in stadium design and construction. Read More

Australian Foresters look to Boost Opportunity in Renewable Energy Sector

The Australian forestry industry will promote the use of biomass for energy production to diversify the sector and increase profitability. Read More

How to Reinvent the Electricity Market for a Low Carbon World

The world must reinvent the way it generates, purchases and distributes electricity if it is to win the fight against climate change, according to a major new report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Read More

France Plans to Pave 1000 km of Roads with Solar Panels

The French government plans to pave 1000 kilometers of its roads with solar panels in the next five years, which will supply power to millions of people. Read More

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Invests $6M in Recycling Efforts

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is investing $5 million in the Closed Loop Fund, a recycling initiative whose founding members include Walmart and Coca-Cola, and $1 million in Keep America Beautiful’s effort to place recycling bins in public parks. Read More

Climate Change will Lead to Deformed and Virus-hit Coral Reefs

Bleaching events triggered by CO2 emissions will make oceans acidic and hostile for coral growth, new studies say. Read More

Better Water Management could Halve the Global Food Gap

Improved agricultural water management could halve the global food gap by 2050 and buffer some of the harmful climate change effects on crop yields. For the first time, scientists investigated systematically the worldwide potential to produce more food with the same amount of water by optimizing rain use and irrigation. Read More

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