Better Performance with the ADEC Innovation Platform


Software Solutions to Improve Your Performance

Better Performance with the ADEC Innovation Platform

Software solutions for operational efficiency and profitability

Our ADEC Innovation Platform (AIP) takes you to a new level of cost-effective environmental, social and governance (ESG) management by automating your energy, sustainability and supply chain programs for optimal performance and profitability.

ADEC Innovations uses a development platform and framework to produce our ESG software applications and allow us to standardize and more rapidly develop and deploy software solutions to our customers.

Using an application lifecycle management system to create, maintain and operate web business applications using agile methods, we employ an Agile Platform made of four major components:

  • Platform Server is a collection of services that complement standard .Net or Java application server installations. This is where our web applications are stored and run;
  • Service Studio is a visual modeling tool used by our development and maintenance teams to assemble and change web business applications;
  • Integration Studio is a Windows tool that works in tandem with Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse. It is used by our developers to extend the built-in platform services with extra functionality; and
  • Service Center is a browser-based administration console that controls and manages the Agile Platform.

Our AIP fully integrates consulting with software solutions and extensive knowledge in back-office data processing to develop technology that encompasses industry best practices and expertise.

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