Tracking and Improving Your CDP Performance with CDP-Insights

Software Solutions to Improve Your Performance

Tracking and Improving Your CDP Performance with CDP-Insights

If you’re looking for a way to track and improve your CDP performance, ADEC Innovations can help. CDPInsights manages your CDP disclosure data in one location so you can track, trend and benchmark your CDP performance over time, and help inform how to improve your climate change strategies and programs in the short and long term. 

As CDP’s Gold Consultancy Partner, Silver Software Partner and Global Scoring and Outsourcing Partner*, ADEC Innovations recognizes the importance of tracking and managing your performance for continued improvement. Within CDPInsights you can view your current CDP scores, compare them with previous scores, and download a copy of your Performance Review Report. You’ll also have a chance to inquire about more detailed feedback, all while in the app. 

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*In accordance with CDP’s conflict of interest policy, ADEC Innovations does not provide official scoring services for any of our CDP consulting clients.