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ADEC Innovations hosts webinars on various topics, and participates as industry experts in online sessions and podcasts hosted by other organizations.

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  • CDP Core Principles: A Primer for Reporting Companies

    Learn about CDP's Core Principles, sustainability programs, and what they mean for CDP and other reporting frameworks.

  • City Resiliency and Why it Matters: Global Impacts in a Local Context

    Environmental Services Director Mary Bean and ADEC Innovations CEO James Donovan joined Sister Cities International and the Global CEO Alliance in a recent episode of SCI's webinar series Global Conversations. In it, the group introduces and explains crucial concepts related to how cities are tackling resiliency, ESG, and the UN SDGs.

  • Private Sector Resiliency: ESG Insights and Opportunities for an Evolving Landscape

    In this webinar, we bring together Kansas City business leaders to share their experiences, successes, and challenges addressing ESG from different industries in an ever-changing landscape.

  • How to Respond to CDP During Times of Global Crisis

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has driven companies and other organizations to rethink resiliency, sustainability, and how they do business amidst global disruption. Our webinar aims to help attendees understand how to organize responding to CDP in 2020, given new challenges and a changing environment.

  • Resilient Cities: Adaptation and Municipal Financing in the Era of COVID-19

    Join Climate Action KC (CAKC), ADEC Innovations, and Moody’s for an interactive webinar to learn about ESG for local governments—including what key ESG factors and risks are used by bond raters, and what you can do within your community to better manage these risks.


    CDP Core Principles: A Primer for Reporting Companies Thumbnail
    CDP Core Principles: A Primer for Reporting Companies

    Understanding CDP’s Core Principles isn’t just useful when reporting to CDP. These principles can be applied more broadly towards other reporting mechanisms, where data users can gain valuable insight into your ESG program overall.

    ADEC ESG Solutions hosted a live webinar to help you learn about CDP Principles, and where these principles come into play in responding to not only CDP, but other reporting frameworks as well.

    This webinar covers:

    • Common pitfalls with responding to CDP and how to avoid them
    • Trends with CDP and what to expect for 2021
    • How to leverage your sustainability programs to maximize your CDP score
    • How CDP connects to other reporting – DJSI, EcoVadis, and more