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The Talanoa Dialogue: Climate Change and the SDGs


According to the UN’s recently completed Emissions Gap Report, the existing pledges by member states to cut emissions will not be sufficient to meet the Paris climate agreement of 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

The Importance of Machine Learning and Building a Data Set in Business


Machine learning can significantly contribute to business’ efficiency. It can help identify which products and services sell well during defined periods, allowing companies to adjust their sales operations accordingly to improve their bottom line. Machine learning can also detect which parts of a business process are taking up too much time and resources, enabling companies to make improvements before profits are undermined.

How ICT Drives Progress in Health, Energy, and Climate Change


In our  February 2016 issue of Greenwatch, we discussed how information and communications technology (ICT) was essential in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. We reported the overwhelming conclusion that the SDGs can only be realized with greater progress in the speed, degree and equality of development in ICT. This progress in ICT can lead to acceleration in meeting targets in key areas such as financial inclusion, education, health, energy, and climate change. In this article, we will continue by looking at ICT’s role in accelerating progress in health, energy, and climate change.