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When Your Brand is on the Line, Supply Chain Data is Vital | Part 1


When your brand is on the line, gain visibility into and control over your supply chain data. Trends ranging from globalization to social media, to rising consumer demand for responsibly and sustainably produced goods have transformed the role of data in the supply chain. Your supply chain today is very much an extension of your brand – with the power to bolster or harm your reputation. Even the most praised brands are susceptible.

Green Investments and Sustainable Development in Indonesia


Indonesia still has a long way to go towards achieving development. Although its gross national income (GNI) rose from USD 10,690 in 2015 to USD 11,220 in 2016, an estimated 93 million Indonesians continue to subsist on USD 3.10 a day (the World Bank's moderate poverty line). Poverty in Indonesia is compounded by other issues like environmental degradation. Unsustainable agricultural methods such as deforestation lead to resource depletion, further perpetuating poverty in the country.

Canadian Businesses Tackle Climate Change via the Low-Carbon Economy


Canadian business leaders, normally a stodgy lot, recognize that climate change has to be addressed, and see the opportunities available in the low-carbon economy. In exchange, they are demanding changes from the federal government to remain competitive. This is welcome news.